Summer of Love

In the summer there isn't a weekend without a festival. As I am walking around and taking my shots I hardly get noticed. The once that do notice me just let me do my thing and continue dancing or give me a smile. I really love this about music festivals. Combine this with good music, great weather and Thuishaven and series like these happen. Full set can be found here:


Monsieur Hubert

Recently I made this Lifestyle series with my friend and artist Monsieur Hubert. If you know his work and ever wondered why it is called Absurdistic Art check it out. If you are not familiar with his work click here for his website.

I use my photo's to tell stories. Please drop me a message if you have a story that needs to be told. Love to hear from you. 

Houtfestival Haarlem

Held in Haarlem for more then 30 years already, the Houtfestival. Even though this June is the most rainy June since the first edition of the festival the weather was beautiful, the people awesome and the music great. Commissioned by Edoland I was there to cover the festival for Haarlem City Marketing. Enjoy my view on the festival trough my photography! 


Mini Downhill Cup 2016 #1

The Mini downhill cup is a Downhill Mountainbike event in the most flat country in the world, The Netherlands. This year the first race was in Groningen and I was there to cover the event.